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4 mars 2011 5 04 /03 /mars /2011 10:45

    Ne vous inquiétez pas les amis, je ne suis pas devenue "calue", le message suivant s'adresse à une amie dont le mail ne fonctionne plus !

Vous pouvez visiter son site ici... mais très loin !


    Dear Carolyn,


I tried to answer many times your last mail but impossible to send it : you mail box's got a problem ?

So I hope you will read this message...

Sorry for my late answer but I was on holydays these last two weeks.

I saw the link about the book : it will interest a 18e costume collector friend who study that question and works for the "Musée Provençal du costume et du bijou de Grasse" :




About the provencales winter black wool hat ("lou capèu à la bérigoulo"), it's really difficult to find it now. These less and less hatter shop now and, to get one, it's necessary to find a craftsman who know how to make it and order a him copy (expensive !).
Lot of costume collectors make themselves their hat and over pieces of costume impossible to find or to buy...
In your last message, you gave me a good idea : an article about all traditions aroud provencal wedding !
Y collect photos and documents and I will edit this subject soon on my blog.

"Amistousamen" (friendly !),

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LA MALLE AUX TRESORS 10/03/2011 11:57

Bonjour Cécile,

Je suis allée faire un tour sur le site de Carolyne. Vraiment dommage, Je comprends mieux le provençal que l'anglais. et je ne suis pas arrivée à mettre
la traduction en français. Est-ce que toi tu y es arrivée ?? Bises Joêlle de LA MALLE AUX TRESORS

Carolyn 04/03/2011 17:13

Thank you, Cecile, for making sure I got this info. I am going to find out what's wrong with my email, as it's apparent that something is. I know the email in this message will work. And I look
forward to seeing what you supply on weddings.

Merci, and have a great day!.

Bonjour !

Bonjour ami visiteur de mon "blog". Sois le bienvenu !